Sales Goals for Marketers

Sales Goals for Marketers

Sales Goals for Marketers – As a manager, you need to set sales goals for your team.   Setting goals can be a bit tricky and requires strong in-depth industry knowledge.   If you set goals too high, your sales team will become frustrated as they could continually fail and not meet company expectations.  If sales goals are too low, those goals may become a minimum floor for results, and oftentimes, sales reps will rest once they have achieved the minimum goals.

Sales goals should be utilized to motivate sales teams.  Establishing reasonable, obtainable goals that provide a serious challenge will ultimately increase the success of your inside sales team.

Use contests and other strategies to entice sales teams to get involved in the sales process and motivate them to think outside the box.

Figure out what motivates your sales team. Some sales reps are motivated by recognition alone and others are better motivated by monetary rewards.

Monetary rewards could be:

  • Bonuses
  • Movie tickets
  • Restaurant gift cards
  • Gas cards
  • A full day off – personal holiday

For us, our campaigns each yield slightly different results, and the exact results are based on our clients’ specifications. We work with our team regularly to meet and exceed expected results. Since our business is to help other companies grow their business, sometimes we have to think outside the box.

If we are not meeting our expected results with our campaigns, we will look internally at the overall program.

We will review:

  • The contact list
  • The message
  • The calling times
  • The marketer assigned to the campaign since we know that not every marketer fits every account.

What goals do you have for your sales team? Do you need help with direction and motivation? We would love to help you determine appropriate goals for your cold calling campaign.

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Sales Goals for Marketers

Sales Goals for Marketers

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