Sales Scripting Is Never Final


Each time we develop a cold calling script, we have to keep in mind that scripting may require changes based upon feedback and program developments.  With each call, we can learn something new and apply those changes to the scripting.   As we move forward over time, the scripting is sometimes reviewed multiple times in order to assure that we are meeting the needs of our clients. Sales Scripting

The toughest part of sales can be the opening line. What line works? I like to start my conversation with a brief introduction-“Hi_____ this is Tracy with Rich Enterprises and I am trying to reach the person in charge of marketing”, once they transfer the call to the appropriate person-I introduce myself again and then ask “How is your day going?” Starting with a friendly tone lets the prospect know who I am, what company I am with and what the call is about.

Always use an opener that is open-ended which allows dialogue between you and the prospect. Treat each prospect as they were a close friend. What type of conversations do you enjoy being part of?

Sales scripting is never final because every day is a new opportunity to try a new telemarketing sales technique.

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