The Advantages of Using Scripted Sales Scripts

How Important is a Sales Script?

A sales script is essential for one reason- to reach goals (a sale, an appointment, or interest). We use sales scripts to keep us on track with our conversations and to provide talking points or remind us of qualifying questions.

Sometimes when we are talking with a prospect, the conversation goes in a direction that has nothing to do with sales or the purpose of the call. Sometimes the conversation is so conversational that the phone call becomes friend-like and we start to talk about recent events like the weather or how covid has affected business.

A well-prepared script can provide immediate talking points and rebuttals to get you back on track and moving forward with the conversation.

Tips for Successful Script Writing

A sample script can provide a brief opening line that introduces the company, the company offerings, and a chance for the prospect to interact in the conversation by answering a few qualifying, probing and open-ended questions.Open ended questions allow dialogue and encourage conversation.

Every marketing program needs prep work to achieve success. Taking the time to outline your program will allow you and your team to be prepared for every turn of a sales call.

We provide a complete customized program outline which can include sample call scripts, email scripts, voicemail scripts and appointment confirmation scripts. Our program outlines also come with qualifying questions and common objections with possible rebuttals.

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Scripted sales scripts
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