Sealing the Deal


Sealing the Deal -How to Increase your closing rates once you have received your leads.

Let’s talk about how to increase your closing rates (Sealing the Deal) once you have received your leads or appointments.

First, set a goal before you begin your close. Ask yourself, what exactly do I want from this person? Do I want them committed to buying today, or perhaps agree to a telephone meeting with me in the near future? Do your homework before contacting your client and before beginning the qualifying questions.

Sealing the Deal

Second-Now let’s ask questions to strengthen their convictions, for example, “In what areas can we benefit you the most?”  “What are your pain points?” What services do you need that would make your company run a little smoother?” Ask questions that prompt dialogue rather than one-word answers.  Decision making responses also prompt more conversations and more importantly-a decision! Other questions that might be helpful may be, “What do I need to do to earn your business?”

Next– Offer the prospect details about what we can do for their business. You could state, “We can have this delivered or completed for you by (this date).   State the agreement that you have reached. “Bob, since this is what you are looking for and we have determined we would be a fit for you and your company and do this within your budget; we can begin next week.

Finally– Remind the prospect of what they have agreed to. “Bob, it sounds like you have decided to go with us, am I right?”  Ask for a good time for the appointment. Provide them with an email confirmation of the date and time.

Using some of these pointers/tips will guarantee success with your contacts and help with – Sealing the Deal. Have confidence and conviction, and maintain a positive attitude and you will accomplish what you set out to achieve. Setting up a marketing process before a sales call will ensure high close rates as well as keep everyone on the same page.

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