Simple Selling


Do you ever wish that you had simple choices on products or services? For example, when you are choosing car insurance, wouldn’t it be great if you had choice A or choice B. Unfortunately, we have 100s of choices and it makes the process of selling complex.

How can we simplify selling and make the process less overwhelming for our prospects?

  1. Terminology. Change the wording used in sales. Instead of offering a product or service to replace what the prospect is currently doing, offer services as an added value or in addition to what they are using. This makes the process sound less threatening since you are incorporating a product or service and not eliminating what is currently working for them.
  2. Smaller scale. Sometimes we are looking for the long term customer and think on a big scale. Tone your thoughts and ideas down to a smaller, simpler scale. If you know you can help a prospect long term, keep this information under your hat and just talk about the initial project.

Companies are very busy and have less time to deal with sales since they are trying to take care of their business at hand. Simplifying the sales process will make things easier for prospects and you will win more business with less effort.

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