What makes a good marketer?


This is really a tough question since not any two sales people are alike. Everyone’s sales style and approach is just as different as their genetic make-up. You may find that some marketers are similar in traits such as organization and tenacity but not going to be the same in regards to sales approach.

What is a good marketer?

A good marketer is one that is knowledgeable about the sales process and product or service being offered as well as enthusiastic about the sales job.

Rich Enterprises has a marketing team that is experienced in all aspects of the sales process. They are seasoned in all industries and have the ability to carry on a sales conversation with Executive decision makers.

We understand that not everyone is qualified for every account; therefore we take the time to match our marketers with accounts in certain industries.

Let us provide your next marketing program. Our packages include: script writing, training of the marketer, objections and rebuttals, as well as list preparation. If you need help with your next marketing program, contact us (888) 443-5247.

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